Dedicated (ESX) Host

The feature dedicated host offers you the possibility to create a "Private Cloud" within Swisscom DCS. The option enables you to extend your DDC resource pool through usage of a Swisscom-standardized dedicated cloud stack host (exclusive usage from one tenant). Managing is done on the DCS Portal where you also manage all other resource pools.

Possible use cases could be:

  • Software license restrictions (VDI)
  • Regulations
  • Security considerations
  • Real time services (e.g. Terminal Server, VoIP, Lync) -> customer has full control of overprovisioning

Details about dedicated host hardware is to be found here


  • It's not possible to order only one host for security and patching/maintenance raesons. -> Min. order amount is 2 hosts.
  • Max. size of a VM is max. size of a host.
  • An OvDC cannot be moved from a "Shared" to a "Dedicated" environment. However VMs and vApps can still be migrated from one model to another.
  • 1 Dedicated Host Pool has a limit of max. 32 hosts (each pool is an ESX cluster).
  • Min. duration of contract for a "Dedicated Host" is 6 months.
  • It takes up to 8 weeks to provision an order.

Order a Dedicated Host

To order a Dedicated Host please turn to one of the following options:

  • DCS Support via email:
  • Your Swisscom DCS Contact Partner

A Dedicated Host Pool will then be created for you in your DCS environment. Once the order is complete you will be able to create a Dynamic Data Center on your Dedicated Host

Create a Data Center on your Dedicated Host

Dedicated Host 4

1) On the DCS Portal Overview click on Create new Data Center.

Dedicated Host 5

2) Enter a name for your Data Center.

3) Choose between the three available SLA.

4) Now Select Dedicated Host for your deployment model.

5) And choose the host pool in which your Data Center should be deployed.

6) Also select the Resource Allocation Model you want for the Data Center.

From here on forward, the ordering process is the same as described above.

Modify an existing Data Center

Dedicated Host 6

1) To Modify an existing Data Center just click on the marked icon. It's the same process as mentioned above (Remember: It is not possible to change the deployment model for a Data Center once it has been created).

Change or delete an existing Data Center

Changing or deleting of existing Data Centers is processed the same way as explained above (Modify a DDC / Erase a DDC)

Delete a Dedicated Host

To delete the whole Dedicated Host, please contact the DCS support ( Please be aware of minimal contract duration applying to Dedicated Host.

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